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Empowerful You: Counseling. Coaching. Life Solutions. Patricia Obst, MSW, LCSW: Therapist & Life Coach

Empowerment - a way of living life that brings your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions together in ways that work for you and not against you.  Empowerment gives you back your personal power and enables you to live a stronger, healthier, more peaceful and fulfilled life.  An Empowerful YOU will have:

  • The ability to make decisions about personal circumstances
  • The ability to access information and resources for decision-making
  • The ability to consider a range of options (not just yes/no, either/or.)
  • The ability to exercise assertiveness in collective decision-making
  • The ability to think positive, be hopeful and make change
  • The ability to think critically and think differently
  • The ability to change others' perceptions of your competency and capacity to act
  • The ability to redefine who you are, what you can do, how you relate to others
  • The ability to learn and access skills for improving personal circumstance.
  • The ability to develop a positive self-image and overcome stigma
  • The ability to sort out what is congruent with your values and act on them
The first step to empowerment is action.  To learn more about how coaching or counseling can help you, contact me.

Patricia Obst, MSW, LCSW is a Therapist and Life Coach serving the Philadelphia region and Southern New Jersey (Gloucester, Camden and Burlington Counties)