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Grief & Loss Counseling
We cannot leave this earth without experiencing loss.  It's part of the human condition.

However, loss does not have to destroy us, our lives, our meaning, our purpose, or the potential for joy.

Early in my practice as a therapist I experienced the death of my infant son, Ricky.  It was actually that most significant loss that sparked in me a passion to help others through their grief journey.

I've learned through my own loss experiences, studying grief and loss in depth, and from working with clients in grief, that we all can find healing and empowerment through the grief process.

Loss comes in many forms throughout our lives.  The obvious losses are death of a loved one, divorce, job loss and loss due to illness.  But there are more subtle losses that can be just as intense or painful such as - the loss of innocence and childhood when you've come from an abusive upbringing, loss of self when you've been in an abusive relationship, and many other types of losses that can weigh us down.  

As a specialist in grief and loss, I work with clients to sort through their loss history to see the cumulative affects.  Together we discover how they have handled loss in healthy and unhealthy ways. We tap into the strength and resilience that has brought them through each one.  Then we journey through the healing and reconciliation that is needed to become whole again.  Through grief work clients find a sense of empowerment they never thought was possible.

I have helped many grieving parents find joy in life again, after they thought they could not even go on at all let alone ever feel joy again.  One mother who lost her daughter to murder, has regained her physical health, strengthened all of her relationships, developed a strong sense of self and purpose, and has found joy and laughter again in her life.  I've worked with divorcees who have struggled with bitterness and anger.  I've helped them come out on the other side to a place of forgiveness of self and others that allows them to move forward and claim a new life for themselves.

In working with adult children of alcoholics and those who were abused as children, I'm amazed at the self love and resilience that can blossom as therapy takes hold. The focus moves from all that they have lost to all that they are and can become.  Old wounds get healed and new strengths emerge.  

Loss comes in all different intensities and circumstances in our lives.  Time can help, but doing purposeful grief work can bring about more complete healing and restore joy.  If you struggle with what you have lost, please consider grief counseling, it can make a world of difference.

Patricia Obst, MSW, LCSW is a Therapist and Life Coach serving the Philadelphia region and Southern New Jersey (Gloucester, Camden and Burlington Counties)